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Popularity of pixel gun 3D game among people

Why Pixel Gun 3d is So Popular

The pixel gun 3D game is a modern game which is designed as block world shooter and this game is considered to be a cool modern game and the first block shooting game. Initially the game is designed for single player mode which in turn make available for the players to enjoy the game in their mobile devices. It remains as a cool game mainly because of single player campaign and survival arena. Since it is a pocket edition for mobile devices most of the player goes for multiplayer mode which is enabled with cooperative, death match and several deadly games. The desktop version of the game is available in beta test on official pixel gun 3D game website. In addition to all players can use pixel gun 3D hack tool to gain lots of coins which helps the user to win the game within short time. It became a perfect chance for the player to battle with their friends, classmates and colleagues or player can battle with any person around the world.


The player is allowed to customize their character using a special skin maker or via show off on the battle and if the player is not comfortable in customizing then the player allowed to create a new character on his own design. Among players all over the world, the pixel gun 3D game remains to be more famous because pixel gun 3D game is an amazing pocket game for all kind of players in the world.


Modes of pixel gun 3D

There are different modes in the game, player can play the game either as single player or in multiplayer which are described below


Multiplayer modes: in the multiplayer mode player is allowed to play with ten players to the maximum and in this mode player is provided with lots of weapon about 100 kinds of weapons which are updated for the player. In the multiplayer mode player generally plays several death match battle.

Benefits of death match mode play has some benefits which are listed below

  • The game is played in local as well as world wide
  • The maps are available in various shapes and size.
  • The player is provided with various weapons which differ from various levels.
  • The game is played with maximum 8 players.
  • As advanced mode the player can chat with their friends even in the battle.
  • Challenging and exciting experience make the player to be hooked.

Cooperative mode: cooperative mode features are listed below

  • In this mode the player can play with 4 players to the maximum.
  • Player can chat with other friends while not playing.
  • There are 8 special maps available in the game.
  • It is considered as hardcore game play.
  • Player is rewarded with coins for top results.

The player can choose anyone for this mode based on their wish and each mode of play has special feature to play.





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